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From exchanging ideas to exchanging resources, Mushroom Exchange has all for you. Mushroom Exchange is a community of folks involved in from Mushroom Production to Mushroom Consumption. If you are a anyway attached to any process involved in Mushroom cultivation, this community is for you. May it be spawn producers, Agri-tech and other Mushroom production supplies manufacturers, sellers or buyers, this community bring them all to this unique platform "Mushroom Exchange", to share, sell, buy and collaborate their services and products.

Our App

As a part of community build up we are creating a Mushroom Exchange Mobile Application. Mushroom Exchange Application will be available on Apple Store as well as Google play store for free to download.

Our application is under development and testing. In the meanwhile our goal is to grow the community by invite and referrals. The purpose of this application is to provide single platform to everyone into Mushroom business, may it be a farmer or a seller.

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Start by downloading Mushroom Exchange Application from Google Play store and Apple Store and get connected to the community of Mushroom Enthusiasts.

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